Sunday, February 19, 2012

Do Not Shower More Than Once A Day - A Doctor's Tip

  Yeah, that's right - do not shower very often!
  Everyone wants to be beautiful. To have a healthy, soft and firm skin. We've seen all sorts of ads promising amazing effects. But that is a FALLACY. That's a marketing lie. Water and man-made products just ruin skin cell by cell.
  1.Our skin is not adjusted for prolonged exposure to moisture. Anatomically the major difference between fish and amphibians, and mammals like us is that their epidermis is mostly live-celled and consists of very little quantity of keratin. Ours would just be dissolved in water for several days.
  2.Scrubbing the epidermis (dirt) has a very negative effect on healthiness of the skin. That outermost layer is responsible for protecting from mechanical harms, bacterias, it is used by our body as a part of the thermo-regulatory system and keep the moisture of our skin from exhalation. The epidermis is composed also by melanocytes, that swallow the ultra-violet sun rays and therefore protect against cancer and intradermal burning.
  3. Water, especially hot and cosmetic and soap products destroy the product of oil glands, that is used to grease the skin and the hair against drying. Rubbing the skin drives the epidermal compartments in the oil ducts and so prevents the proper glandular secrecy. 
  4.There is NO such thing as moisturizing product, because the humidity of our skin is maintained by our body and its systems, not by external factors. A simple moisturizing cream, for example, is no more than an oil that greases our skin, but it itself may be dead because of the actual drying, as our inner hydration system is not working properly. 
  5.Rubbing with the towel is the major factor for dry skin, because it directly destroys the epidermis and clogges its ducts.
  We live in a modern world and you must keep your hygiene at a top level. But do not overrun your body in the rush for beauty, as our anatomical evolution is more or less animalish and acts by its own rules. Keep that in mind.

Do Not Splash Your Butt

  Some toilets have terribly bad design. They will immediately splash your buttocks while you are doing your business there. Here I'll provide a tip. Just rip little paper and throw it on the water surface before your job. That will keep you safe against that nasty incident.

Friday, February 17, 2012

5 Places of Your Body That Really Can Stink

  Proper hygiene means everyday maintenance. Human body contains millions of glands. They themselves emit fluids directly on your body, as well many improper odors. Some are due to fungal infections such as these on feet, others are gender markers. But nowadays it is really unacceptable a man to stink like an animal. So always take care for washing them properly. Every day take a shower or have a bath. Use fresh scented soap. 
  1 .Always clean your head. It is one of the worst smelling places. You'd better wash it twice, gently rubbing it. After the bath you may apply some perfume, because the head is among the first that will  sweat and smell bad. 
  2. Other classical place is the armpit. Always do wash with soap both of them. Afterwards apply some deodorant, the best ones are roll-on-s or sticks. 
  3. Here I will throw the bomb... Always wash your navel! It perspires so easily that within hours it may produce tons of unpleasant sour smell. Just soap one of your fingers and very very guardedly rub it in.
  4. The adductor place. Here I caught you unprepared. That's the upper-inner part of your legs. That fold between your leg and genitals. It is really imperative rule to wash it, because seating there may cause bitter scent. Just crouch and apply soap in the fold.
  5.  The last place is your feet. But remember the rule - always soap and rub between your fingers, there occurs most often the fungal infection. Wash ass well your ankle and the whole leg upwards.
  Do it with warm or hot water and well-foaming soap products, because the foam is that what cleans the dirt. 

Yours Sincerely,
The toilet Lord

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Washing Your Butt

  The Toilet Help Blog will teach you the best way to wash your butt. There is no man on earth who hasn't bathed someway their anus. It is very unpleasant moment when you are taking a shower and squat to clean  the poo out. It is particularly nasty if you had gone to the toilet shortly before. The hygiene hint is there - always soap your hand before you touch your butt, so that anything fallen on your hand will wash out immediately and will not keep any smell. Otherwise there may be some unpleasant aroma on your hand, because of the non-well washed intestinal contain.The Toilet Blog recommends-  do not push too much, just try gently rotating your hand to clean the waste. Repeat this action for 2-3 times, always soaping the palm and washing it itself afterwards.
  After that soap your middle finger and push it slowly your anal channel, making sure it is loose. You will feel how deep to do it, but not more than 1 or 2 centimeters, do not pass your inner sphincter. Pull your finger out and you if you felt that there is waste inside, repeat that action for 2-3 times. Always make sure, you've cleaned the dirt out of your finger and your anus isn't full of any leftovers.
  At the end, just put some soap on your hand palm and clean your butt.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Toilet Brush

The Toilet Help Blog suggests taking care for your toilet brush. Often in its base might be seen waste. That allows growth of harmful bacterias. Always make sure that the container is filled with 50-100 ml of toilet cleaner liquid, soap or any type of alcohol. You may fill some vodka or whiskey. Every week pour the content and clean the brush and its container with hot water.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flushing the toilet. Make it Sink

  Some waste just won't sink. No matter what is it. A condom or a poop, a tampon, or a cigarette. Toilet brush often is useless against soft and moist feces. If you try to push it down, it is most likely to hook on the stick and to splotch it nastily. What you have to do is just unfold 15-20 inches toilet paper, stow it forming a square and put it right on the water, covering the whole surface. When you flush the water it wets the paper and it drags it down. The heavy unit will serve as a cork stopper, pushing the waste down the tube.

How to stool correctly. Best toilet sitting position

  The Toilet Help blog advises you on one of the most important issues about keeping your buttocks clean and fresh. The position of of your sitting is vital four your hygiene, due to the anatomical features of men' body.

  First of all, make sure, before sitting, that your pants are   lowered to the maximum. That is the key for further execution of our desired action. If you have jeans or trousers that are too tight and gather your legs, you may also undress one of them.

  Put your feet shoulder-width. Do remember that. Too gathered or too remote one by another, you will close you buttocks and will complicate stooling. 

  Sit on the toilet and for a second just let your body habituate to the sitting position. Just sit and do not do anything. That will dismiss the tension of your lower muscles.

  Now, grab one of your butt cheeks and pull it a bit away from the other. Do that with the other one. Just grab them and distance them one by another. The Toilet Blog recommends - do not pull too quickly or fast, as you may cause pain or even an injury. Remoting your cheeks will ensure there is enough space down there and that your anal muscles will not be tight.

   The most important part comes up here. As your anal system contains not one, but two sphincters, you will have to make sure all of them are loose so that after stooling, there will not be any waste in your  endmost channel or anywhere out around the anus. When you grab you cheeks just hold them stationary, because any move will cause involuntary movement by your sphincters. Just sit, grab your buttocks and unfasten. Feel your anal end loosen. Do no strain or try to stool before you intense your sphincters. Normally, people think that down there only one muscle acts. But , in fact, there are two ones, and for the purpose of having a cleaner stool, you will have to take care, that you inner one, which is a about 1/2 inch from the other, is loose. Usually, the inner one contaminates your buttocks, as there remains waste, that is too hard to wipe.
   After you complete your job, do not hurry to stand up, but carefully contract your sphincter. But do it slowly, so that your inner one closes first and pushes the waste outside before the outer one is tightened. Do it slowly and carefully for 3-4 times and hopefully you are done.
  In a nutshell, The Toilet Help Blog, advises you to relax, and even you are in a hurry, just take a second to act correctly and prevent further complications.