Sunday, February 19, 2012

Do Not Shower More Than Once A Day - A Doctor's Tip

  Yeah, that's right - do not shower very often!
  Everyone wants to be beautiful. To have a healthy, soft and firm skin. We've seen all sorts of ads promising amazing effects. But that is a FALLACY. That's a marketing lie. Water and man-made products just ruin skin cell by cell.
  1.Our skin is not adjusted for prolonged exposure to moisture. Anatomically the major difference between fish and amphibians, and mammals like us is that their epidermis is mostly live-celled and consists of very little quantity of keratin. Ours would just be dissolved in water for several days.
  2.Scrubbing the epidermis (dirt) has a very negative effect on healthiness of the skin. That outermost layer is responsible for protecting from mechanical harms, bacterias, it is used by our body as a part of the thermo-regulatory system and keep the moisture of our skin from exhalation. The epidermis is composed also by melanocytes, that swallow the ultra-violet sun rays and therefore protect against cancer and intradermal burning.
  3. Water, especially hot and cosmetic and soap products destroy the product of oil glands, that is used to grease the skin and the hair against drying. Rubbing the skin drives the epidermal compartments in the oil ducts and so prevents the proper glandular secrecy. 
  4.There is NO such thing as moisturizing product, because the humidity of our skin is maintained by our body and its systems, not by external factors. A simple moisturizing cream, for example, is no more than an oil that greases our skin, but it itself may be dead because of the actual drying, as our inner hydration system is not working properly. 
  5.Rubbing with the towel is the major factor for dry skin, because it directly destroys the epidermis and clogges its ducts.
  We live in a modern world and you must keep your hygiene at a top level. But do not overrun your body in the rush for beauty, as our anatomical evolution is more or less animalish and acts by its own rules. Keep that in mind.

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