Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to stool correctly. Best toilet sitting position

  The Toilet Help blog advises you on one of the most important issues about keeping your buttocks clean and fresh. The position of of your sitting is vital four your hygiene, due to the anatomical features of men' body.

  First of all, make sure, before sitting, that your pants are   lowered to the maximum. That is the key for further execution of our desired action. If you have jeans or trousers that are too tight and gather your legs, you may also undress one of them.

  Put your feet shoulder-width. Do remember that. Too gathered or too remote one by another, you will close you buttocks and will complicate stooling. 

  Sit on the toilet and for a second just let your body habituate to the sitting position. Just sit and do not do anything. That will dismiss the tension of your lower muscles.

  Now, grab one of your butt cheeks and pull it a bit away from the other. Do that with the other one. Just grab them and distance them one by another. The Toilet Blog recommends - do not pull too quickly or fast, as you may cause pain or even an injury. Remoting your cheeks will ensure there is enough space down there and that your anal muscles will not be tight.

   The most important part comes up here. As your anal system contains not one, but two sphincters, you will have to make sure all of them are loose so that after stooling, there will not be any waste in your  endmost channel or anywhere out around the anus. When you grab you cheeks just hold them stationary, because any move will cause involuntary movement by your sphincters. Just sit, grab your buttocks and unfasten. Feel your anal end loosen. Do no strain or try to stool before you intense your sphincters. Normally, people think that down there only one muscle acts. But , in fact, there are two ones, and for the purpose of having a cleaner stool, you will have to take care, that you inner one, which is a about 1/2 inch from the other, is loose. Usually, the inner one contaminates your buttocks, as there remains waste, that is too hard to wipe.
   After you complete your job, do not hurry to stand up, but carefully contract your sphincter. But do it slowly, so that your inner one closes first and pushes the waste outside before the outer one is tightened. Do it slowly and carefully for 3-4 times and hopefully you are done.
  In a nutshell, The Toilet Help Blog, advises you to relax, and even you are in a hurry, just take a second to act correctly and prevent further complications.


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