Thursday, February 16, 2012

Washing Your Butt

  The Toilet Help Blog will teach you the best way to wash your butt. There is no man on earth who hasn't bathed someway their anus. It is very unpleasant moment when you are taking a shower and squat to clean  the poo out. It is particularly nasty if you had gone to the toilet shortly before. The hygiene hint is there - always soap your hand before you touch your butt, so that anything fallen on your hand will wash out immediately and will not keep any smell. Otherwise there may be some unpleasant aroma on your hand, because of the non-well washed intestinal contain.The Toilet Blog recommends-  do not push too much, just try gently rotating your hand to clean the waste. Repeat this action for 2-3 times, always soaping the palm and washing it itself afterwards.
  After that soap your middle finger and push it slowly your anal channel, making sure it is loose. You will feel how deep to do it, but not more than 1 or 2 centimeters, do not pass your inner sphincter. Pull your finger out and you if you felt that there is waste inside, repeat that action for 2-3 times. Always make sure, you've cleaned the dirt out of your finger and your anus isn't full of any leftovers.
  At the end, just put some soap on your hand palm and clean your butt.


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